Locally born, Micah loves to skate to satisfy his physical interests. To keep his mind and soul active, he passionately studies, observes and analyzes life. He enjoys physics, psychology and making music. To get him to give you all the earthly secrets for living, feed him comfort food of yesteryear like Shepard’s pie. He likes photography and is an active-doer-thinker with a special interest in all of nature, sky, space, the universe and beyond.


Why is Clint so jazzed? He sees the future. Look at all those eyes! He’s passionate about spreading awareness of parasite and root chakra while making detox lava paste. He loves all things organic, non-gmo, bentonite clay and clinoptilolite zeolite. Pizza is his guilty pleasure and pass the coconut ice cream as that’s one of his favorites, too. He enjoys new age, experimental, soulful music so turn it up loud because he loves to dance!


Debby lives in Brookings, OR with husband, Lee, 2 kids, 4 dogs and 1 out numbered cat. Favorite pastimes are traveling, gardening and volunteering for 4H and Scouting youth groups. For good eats, she recommends fish and chips at the Hungry Clam, Brookings Harbor.


Locally born, Emily is a gifted artist at heart with a passion for digital art. She loves to walk Shiva, the cat on a leash. Mornings tend to start with a latte, but coffee with cream and sugar is a close second. After the coffee kicks in, she loves curry dishes of all kinds. Needless to say, she has an iron gut! Reading fantasies, forest and beach walking are a few of her favorite pastimes. To see her art in action: freckles.art@instagram


Paul is passionate about scale trains and it’s accurate to say that he has a “1 track mind”. His favorite scale is HO. His favorite train route is the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific and Denver Rio Grande. That covers the western states! His favorite author is Tom Clancy but his wife Teresa and 3 cats keep him happy and almost too busy to read. He usually comes to work with a Monster drink and enjoys beef and salmon jerky.


Karen likes to garden, perma-culture and to spend time at the River. She loves to watch the waves and surfers at South Beach while sipping on a morning beverage before coming to work. Anything with chocolate, tasty home made bread, veggie pasta and a good craft beer are some of her favorite foods. She can hardly wait for the Farmer’s Market to open so she can shop the locally grown fresh veggies. She enjoys spinning wool fibers, astrology, tarot, playing singing bowls, giving massages and fresh catnip.


Shawn loves outdoor activities – especially fishing. He has tons of fishing gear for both ocean and freshwater. His favorite fish to catch and eat are salmon and halibut. Music wise, he likes 90’s alternative but enjoys other music genres, too. In the evenings, he likes to watch YouTube news and shares some pretty interesting factoids with the crew. And, all year ’round he looks forward to visiting with his family.