Organic Confidence™ Deodorant Jasmine Blossom

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  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Organic Confidence™ shuts down odor causing bacteria with baking soda and organic coconut oil
  • Gentle for all skin types and perfect for everyday use
  • Indulge yourself with the highest quality on the planet


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We’re not the only ones who think smearing chemicals on sensitive skin areas is creepy thing to do, right? That’s why we invented Organic Confidence™ Relentless All-Day Deodorant. We use USDA Certified Organic awesome ingredients you can understand and pronounce. Baking soda shuts down odor causing bacteria while coconut oil soothes and conditions. Most likely, smelling organic Jasmine will be a new experience for you. Most of the jasmine fragrances you have previously encountered were likely to be chemical versions of the flower. Organic Jasmine imparts a very unique, fresh, green blossoming notes of organic jasmine and ylang ylang oils impart a heavenly sense of delight and well-being.